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Landscape Supplies

Our Landscape Supplies yard specialises in soils. We have 3 grades of soil including; lawn mix, veggie & garden mix and a premium veggie mix.
We have 2 grades of Glebe Mulch (course and fine). Our premier product is Glebe Gold, which is a top quality compost.
If you are ordering a large amount, we are able to offer delivery within Launceston and surrounding areas. We also have a courtesy trailer.

Price List

Product Notes Price
Plain Soil Great for lawns. $50m³
Lawn Mix $60m³
Garden Mix Use for gardens and veggies. $77m³
Premium Veggie Mix Designed for veggie tanks. $100m³
Glebe Mulch - Fine Suppressing weeds and feeding plants. $50m³
Pinebark - Hammermill Fine mulch for gardens. $77m³
Pinebark - Medium Mulch for gardens. $77m³
Glebe Gold Top-dressing lawns and mixing in soil to make plants grow. $95m³
20mm Blue Metal $77m³
Concrete Gravel $77m³
Metal Dust $77m³
Road Base $77m³
Quays Sand Not Available

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